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2 days ago · A signature tune is the tune which is always played at the beginning or end of a particular television or radio programme, or which people associate with a particular performer.

A distinctive piece of music associated with a particular programme or performer on television or radio. ‘In the s and 30s, when broadcasting, dance bands and light orchestras commonly used a signature tune, frequently played at the end of a programme and sometimes at the beginning.’. More example sentences. ‘The music chosen as the station signature tune and used for the first twelve years of .

Signature Tune. The Signature Tune on Blue Peter has been a hornpipe playing Barnacle Bill, a popular sailor's song. The first opening titles had a Blue Peter flag lowered onto a ship. From onwards, the tune became Sailor's Hornpipe and from onward has become a mix of them both.

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  1. Definition of signature tune.: a melody, passage, or song chosen by an orchestra or musical entertainer as a means of identification and played at the opening or close or both of each program.

  2. signature tune definition: 1. a short tune used in broadcasting at the beginning and/or end of a particular programme or to. Learn more.

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